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Health and Nutrition Coach

To me, personal training and fitness are only part of the equation to having a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition is also key! I offer one-on-one health and nutrition coaching sessions to curate a sustainable way of meal planning and eating to fit into your busy life. Sessions include the review of your current diet, cleaning out your pantry, meal planning, grocery shopping, and continued nutrition support. One-on-one nutrition counseling will focus on establishing balanced meals to reach your fitness goals. Sessions will be 45-minutes long and will take place over video chat or phone call. I require multiple sessions. One session will not “fix” the food problem you may have; it’s essential to have continued support in your meal prepping and eating to make healthy eating something you can easily maintain. In the initial session, we'll discuss your current diet, food sensitivities, and any other relevant information for creating the best sustainable diet. Then, you’ll need a minimum of two follow-up appointments to ensure nutrition success and support from me.

As a Health and Nutrition Coach, I work to evaluate mistakes you may be making in your diet or simply improve habits. You’ll fill out an in-depth dietary questionnaire, and initial nutrition goals will be set. Nutrition starts at home, which is why the first session will go over food in the home, including a full pantry tour. In that home video visit, you’ll look at types of foods and food storage and go over food labels. After all, it’s important to know what is in your food! You have to know what you’re eating to learn what to do better. From there, I’ll help you create a grocery list and recommend recipes and meal prep strategies. We’ll focus on improving your day-to-day diet as well as navigating meals around “special events.” We’ll schedule follow-up appointments to review progress and make any necessary revisions.

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