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Online Personal Training Sessions

My job as a personal trainer is to help you make progress and incorporate health and wellness into your daily life. Fitness is attainable for all and can be enjoyable, too! You’ll see the greatest results when a personal trainer can develop a plan just for you. That’s why I offer online personal training sessions curated just for you!

My one-on-one online personal training sessions are 55-minute minutes sessions customized for your needs. These sessions focus on reaching your goals in an efficient and effective way while keeping in mind your strengths and stability. While equipment is always nice to have, it is not necessary. Workouts will be based on your overall fitness level and equipment you may have. Each session will challenge you and take you one step closer to your goals! Together, you and I will work to overcome any muscular misalignments and achieve your attainable goals. Sessions will include a warm-up that can be completed prior to your workout or as part of your session.

I am a NASM-certified trainer with special experience in corrective exercise training. I can help train you and recover your mobility after injuries. Having experienced it myself, I understand what you’re going through and will be with you throughout your road to recovery. With NASM corrective exercise training, we’ll focus on working through your limitations from your injuries and overcoming them to become the best version of you.

One-on-one online personal training sessions are available online! All you need is a computer, tablet, or smartphone to receive customized personal training via FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom. Let’s work together to reach your goals!

How many sessions will you need? I recommend one session per week for maintenance and direction, two sessions per week for fat loss and muscle gain, and three sessions per week for accelerated results. Intensive is not recommended for beginners but rather something to work up to.

Book your session today to get started on achieving your healthy lifestyle goals!

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