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Approaching Your Morning Routine for Productivity

How we set up our morning routine can make or break the flow of the rest of the day. Many people start their day feeling groggy and unable to focus. A good morning routine can help you to be more productive and boost your mood. Like anything else, it takes time to establish a routine, but eventually your morning routine will become a habit. So how do we stop waking up at the last minute and rushing out of the house?

1) Start small

Unless you have success with the all or nothing mentality, it’s best to make changes incrementally to give yourself a chance to develop daily habits. Add on activities a little at a time and/or for a few minutes at a time. You can then add more time as it fits into your schedule. Remember, it’s better to take just a few minutes for yourself than nothing at all!

2) Morning stretching

This can be as simple as 5 minutes stretching your neck and arms. Stretching can reduce muscle tension, increase blood flow and relieve pain and tightness. There are also a lot of quick yoga videos online you can use as inspiration and guidance. Anything that can get the body moving for a few minutes will help you to get the day started on a good foot.

3) Take a few minutes to just wake up

There’s nothing worse for your day than waking up in a panic and having to rush to get ready. While it may sound counterintuitive, waking up a little bit earlier to have a slow and steady morning can actually help you to feel more calm and rested throughout the day. Having a slow and steady wakeup can also reduce that morning crash.

4) Get outside for a short walk

Getting outside for some fresh air can also be a relaxing way to start the day while also helping to wake you up. Taking time to get outside can also help with increasing Vitamin D levels and there are a lot of studies that show, getting outside improves your overall mental health, while the Vitamin improves energy and mood.

5) Meditation

Clearing your mind can be quite challenging, but having our brains run at 100 mph can keep us from being able to focus on the task at hand. Taking a few minutes to meditate leads to a focused mindset and a feeling of calmness to start the day.

6) Morning journaling.

It can be incredibly helpful to start your day with some quick journaling. Writing out a list of things you are grateful for each morning can establish a level of positivity in the morning. This is also a quick thing to add to your day and in general will promote focusing on the good things in your life. There are a lot of amazing journal prompting apps you can download as well that will prompt you daily with a new thought. This is very helpful for those new to journaling and need some guidance. Journaling can also include things like daily affirmations for yourself or a main goal for the day.

7) Drink some water!

Many people struggle with getting enough water during the day. Especially when work gets busy, it becomes very easy to forget to drink any at all. Starting your day off with a big glass of water can help make hydration part of your routine, while starting your day off with something that’s good for you. This should hopefully help you to remember to prioritize water the rest of the day.

8) Balanced Breakfast

Getting a balanced and nutritious meal in the morning can also be very valuable for productivity. You should look at a meal that has protein, carbs and healthy fats to start your day. This can help eliminate the morning crash we often have from eating a high carb breakfast. Balanced meals are key to leveling out your energy to stay productive throughout the day.

While these are just a few of the many ways you can prioritize yourself in the morning and create a better morning routine for yourself, the act of doing something solely for yourself at the beginning of the day can be therapeutic amongst other things. Find those ways that work best for you to reduce stress, relieve general tension, while fueling yourself for the day. You’ll notice in no time that you’ll feel more centered and more productive.

Until next time ... and remember productivity is for all!

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