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How to Stop Obessessing Over Weight Loss!

One of the hardest tasks is setting a weight loss goal for yourself and waiting for those pounds to drop. Some people get so obsessed with this goal it becomes a constant focus for them. You have to keep in mind that it takes time and if you are consistent with your nutrition and exercise, weight loss will occur. You just need to find ways to not constantly be thinking about it and get back to living your life.

1) Get off the scale

I always remind my clients that it took them longer than a day, week or even month to put on weight and therefore it will take even longer to lose. With that in mind, stepping on the scale every day will do nothing but discourage you on your journey.

Unfortunately most people are not educated on how the body functions to know that weight loss is not even close to a linear process. Our day-to-day weight is dependent on many variables:

- Dehydration

- High sugar or salty diet causing excess water retention

- Stress

- Lack of sleep

- Over-exercising

- Food deprivation

These are just a few of the factors we can see playing a large role in weight change within a day. Dehydration causes the body to hold onto water and save it. The same with food. If you eat too few calories your body will go into starvation mode and will hold onto everything you eat. Your body’s main goal is to keep you alive. If you are heavily restricting your food and not getting enough water, the body will hold onto everything. That’s why you see a lot of people eating super low calorie diets complaining that weight loss has stopped. Regardless of weight loss goals, the body still needs enough food to keep essential life functions going! It's also helpful to know that a healthy weight loss is 0.5 to 1 pound a week in most cases!

2) Change your mindset

If you’re under the impression that losing weight will bring you happiness, you’re wrong. The reality is that you may have some things to work through, mentally, and your weight is often just an easy physical thing to focus on. It’s easier to pick on something so easily seen, but taking the time you need to work through your emotional and mental struggles is the way to a happier life.

So often people set a goal weight and think once they meet that goal they will finally be happy, but no weight guarantees you happiness. If you’re struggling, please seek out professional help. There’s nothing wrong with getting the help you need and building a strong mental foundation for yourself!

3) Reduce stress

We all know that reducing stress is no easy task, but it is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle and pursuing weight loss if that is your goal. When we are stressed our body's functions are impacted and we will hold onto excess weight. Stress also leads us to making less than desirable choices when it comes to how you eat or your exercise choices. For more tips on reducing stress visit: Regardless of your goals, finding a way to eliminate stress and find peace can make all the difference in your life!

4) Balance!

While it’s important to fit fitness and nutrition into your life, it should never be your entire life. If your life is all about when you will workout, what your workout will be, what you’re eating and how to meet your goals, a change is needed! Being healthy shouldn’t mean giving up time with friends and family. It shouldn’t mean passing up on going out to eat or going to parties. You shouldn’t fear filling your free time with other activities. I promise that you can still meet your goals while living your life!

While staying focused on your goals is important, hyper focusing often leads to feelings of doubt and insecurities. The key is educating yourself on how to reach your goals and implementing them into your daily life. If you can do that, the results will come and you won’t have to over analyze the process.

Until next time... and remember that health is for all!

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