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The Ins and Outs of TRX Training

What is TRX training? Who is it for? What can you do with it? Should I try it out? These are just some of the questions I will be answering below. TRX training is a style of suspension training using a TRX system that is hung from a wall/ceiling or anchored in a door frame. It allows you to use your bodyweight and the system to navigate through an endless list of exercises and have a full and efficient exercise session!

The TRX system can be good for anyone as there are so many ways to simplify exercises or make them more challenging, allowing it to always work within your needs. It can also be packed up and taken with you anywhere. It folds up to take up very little space and is perfect for the busy traveler who wants to get in some movement or even stretching. Since it can be attached to a door frame, it really works any and everywhere!

It’s For Everyone!

The TRX system is also great for anyone, regardless of their fitness level. It’s incredibly easy to modify to make every exercise easier or harder. By adjusting your angle to the anchor point on the wall/ceiling/door frame, you can intensify every exercise and make it work for you!

It’s also a great way to learn new exercises, as it forces you to perfect your form. If you don’t have proper core engagement and body mechanics, you will really struggle to get into position. TRX training really highlights how the body should be lining up to work at its best and you’ll learn so much about overall posture. Even those with very limited mobility can find exercises that suit them on the TRX.

Another bonus is that there are regularly taught classes that anyone can sign up for. You don’t have to be a personal trainer or in the fitness industry to take these classes and can learn (at home) from some of the leaders in TRX training. You won’t have to worry about using the tool correctly, and have an opportunity to ask questions.

It’s An Efficient Workout Tool

With this one piece of equipment you can get an entire workout done in a small amount of space. When in the gym, you may bounce back and forth from free weights, resistance machines to cardio machines. While you’re getting a good workout, setting up for each exercise takes time, and can really stall your workout. If you are someone who loses steam when they break for a few minutes to get set up, the TRX cuts down on rest times. Because it’s all in one place, you can more easily keep track of rest time and get the most efficient workout possible.

Unlike other workout equipment, the TRX allows you to do upper body, lower body, push, pull, cardio, stretching and so much more. So whatever your goals are, you can reach them with one tool.

Great For Those Working on Core Strength

In order to efficiently use the TRX system, you need to have good form and proper core engagement. The TRX builds on the mechanics of a plank, and a true plank involves engaging the entire body from head to toe. If core engagement is something you struggle with, you’ll learn a lot with this exercise tool!

Can improve overall mobility and flexibility

Something that’s great about the TRX system vs. traditional weight training is that with weight training it is very easy to have poor form. You can still complete an exercise with weight even if you’re doing it incorrectly. This often leads to more muscle engagement and certain muscles becoming overactive. It is incredibly hard to initiate an exercise on the TRX system incorrectly. Bad form leads to you swaying all over the place like a monkey in a tree. You will know very quickly that something is not correct and you’ll work to correct it.

This means you will be able to improve your mobility and flexibility with more ease. The TRX can also be a great assist in building on flexibility, as it allows you to hold your body upright and not crash down into exercises or stretches. This also can help reduce the risk of injury and be very helpful for those who struggle to get up and down off the ground. Especially those with hypertension.

Easy Full Body Training Tool

For those who really like to set-up and go with their training, the TRX is great. Besides adjusting the length of the strap, you can do a full range of exercises, engaging all muscle groups with this system and modifying it for each exercise you do. Seamlessly transition from upper body to lower body making the most of each workout!

So if you are looking to up your training game and find a fun new way to train, try out the TRX system. You’ll never run out of options to grow and challenge yourself!

Until next time… and remember fitness is for all!

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