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Coming To Life: How To Emerge From Your Pandemic Bubble

After being cooped up in our homes for months, many of us are facing a bit of an identity crisis, unsure of how to go back to typical social interactions or re-enter our new post-pandemic world. You and your family can start taking steps toward mental and emotional clarity that can help rebuild your confidence and re-energize you for going back to work, school and church. Kristina Marie Fitness can be a great place to start.

Reestablish Meal Routines

We've all given ourselves some leeway around how we eat lately, but it's time to get back to a post-pandemic plan. It's a good time to start prioritizing balanced meals and making sure you get protein, whole grains and produce. Also, making sure you get those 2-3L of water a day is vital.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, planning meals in advance can help ensure you aren't tempted by fast food takeout, and you can even make shopping and meal prep a fun family event. Check out local farmers markets or even plant your own garden as a way to get in more produce and enjoy time with your family. Alternatively, you can find great options at your local grocery store.

Get Moving Again

It was easy to adopt a sedentary lifestyle when we were stuck at home, but according to experts, it's time to make an effort to safely venture out and add physical activity to your daily routine. This can mean walking, biking, hiking, swimming, or even dancing and playing physical games.

If possible, create a small workout space in your home. It doesn’t have to be an entire room; you can set up an area in a corner of a room. Just make sure you have an uncluttered space to move around and plenty of natural light. Cleaning your windows can help brighten that area, so give them a thorough wash. If you’d rather have someone else tackle this job, seek out “professional window washers near me” online and find one who has received excellent reviews from previous clients.

Experts at the American Heart Association say adults should get at least 150 minutes of activity per week, kids 60 minutes per day. Make exercise a family date, or enlist the help of a workout buddy to keep you accountable and build your confidence. If you have any underlying health conditions, make an appointment with your primary care provider before diving into a new workout.

Last but certainly not least, consider working with a personal trainer. Kristina Marie Fitness is a certified fitness and nutrition specialist who can help you get back in great shape!

Regulate Sleep Times

If you've been working or learning remotely, you likely have a bit of an odd schedule, which may mean you aren't getting adequate sleep. Start establishing regular sleep and wake times to ensure your body has time to rest and rejuvenate. This is especially important if you’re going back to an office or have kids returning to in-person learning. Sleep in a dark, cool room, and try to avoid using electronics before bed, as they can stimulate your brain and inhibit sleep. If you're still having trouble adapting to a new slumber routine, consider using blackout curtains or white noise machines to help you sleep.

Jump-Start Your Professional Life

Whether you've been working on-site during the pandemic, working from home, or you're underemployed due to closures, it's a good time to take stock of your professional aspirations. If you're interested in pursuing a new career path, consider going back to school and earning a bachelor’s degree online in an in-demand field like healthcare, technology, or education. You could even pursue a business degree to sharpen your professional abilities with new management and leadership skills. Many online programs allow you to work at your own pace, from the location of your choosing. This allows you to balance work, family, and school.

Re-enter Social Life

If you feel comfortable being around others outside your family unit or pandemic bubble, start getting your social life back on track. Maybe that means more play dates, dinner with the neighbors, or entertaining family. You may also be comfortable returning to community recreation centers or gyms. If you have a church family to rejoin, find out about new programs and worship times. Many churches are helping parishioners reintegrate post-pandemic, so you’re sure to find resources to help you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

None of us have lived through a situation like COVID-19 before, so it’s natural to feel a bit unsettled about how to resume normal life activities. Use your judgment, take it slow, and set your focus on embracing a happy, healthy, and active new lifestyle.

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